Logo box

Flexible on the design axis.

The logo box is the key touchpoint in our Corporate Design. It appears as a sender tag on all media from ebm-papst and combines the word mark and the claim, "the engineer's choice". The logo box is the standard variant of the logo and should always be used wherever possible.

The logo box is always part of the design principle.

It is positioned flexibly on the design axis of the color area. If it is not possible to use the logo box, special rules are applied. The CMYK color variant is used for print applications, and the RGB variant for digital representations.

logobox note
logobox position animation
logobox position not allowed

Special rules for the logo box

If the logo box is standing on a white background or the claim area is standing on an ebm-papst blue background, the logo box with shadow is used. If a color implementation is not possible, the greyscale variant is used. In these exceptions, the logo box is always preferable to the word mark alone. The word mark is only used if the logo box would be smaller in width than 30 millimeters or 140 px. It is important that the claim remains legible.

special rules

Logo box sizes: distinctively present

The size of the logo box depends on the width of the design area. In current DIN portrait formats, the logo box width is 1/3 of the overall width, and in landscape formats the logo box width is 1/4 of the overall width.

logobox size note
logobox size

Word mark: the exception in extreme formats

extreme formats

Color variants of the word mark

If the logo box becomes too small, only the word mark is used. The word mark is available in different color variants for different areas of application.

logobox note
exception wordmark color variants

The logo box and other signs

The design system allows for a second logo to be placed in the design. This is set in the image area, preferably top left or bottom right. This second logo must not appear to be more important than the ebm-papst logo box. If the second logo needs to be placed on the color area, this should be with the greatest possible gap to the logo box.

logo and other signs