Welcome to 
the ebm-papst brand portal!
All the building blocks for a globally strong brand image.

Our Corporate Design is defined by

4 basic brand rules

1. Design system
Flexible and vibrant.


2. Logo box
Flexible on the design axis.


3. Colors
Living color-world.


4. Typography
Functional and distinctive.


Structured, but not rigid.

Our design principle is rectangular and is oriented to a horizontal design axis, with the logo box aligned to this. The areas of color can be positioned flexibly on a photo, either as bleed printing or freestanding.

design system teaser

Tidy and flexible in use.

The logo box is the preferred logo and can be aligned flexibly on the horizontal design axis. It is used in 99 % of applications. In exceptional instances (e.g. small illustrations, advertising materials), the word mark is used.


The world of colors.

The brand color is ebm-papst blue. Our appearance is characterized by the use of multiple colors, with all six design colors being used with equal weighting and with no coding by sectors, areas or product groups. Ideally one color is used over a large area. Black and white are not used as area colors.


Functional and distinctive.

Our brand font is Corbel. Switching to Corbel bold for headlines and to Corbel italic can be used to accentuate and emphasize content/specific content elements.


Let yourself be inspired!

Here you will find all the important information and tools for using the ebm-papst corporate design. Since the corporate design is constantly being developed, the brand portal will of course also evolve. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.