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ebm-papst – the company

We make the future our business.

ebm-papst is the global market leader in air technology and drive engineering, not least because in many sectors we have the world's leading technology. In particular, our high-efficiency GreenTech EC technology, which includes the refinement of electronically controlled EC fans, aerodynamic improvements to fan blades, and resource-conserving selection of materials, including biomaterials. That has secured us a decisive and lasting advantage.

We can only do all this because of the great emphasis we put on two words: RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT. We are always looking for new ways to make our products even better and more efficient. In doing so, we develop solutions that are exactly tailored to the needs of our customers. We are not just a supplier of top-quality technology products, we are also an expert partner for the development of every conceivable application – and even some that haven't been thought of yet.

The expertise and passion of over 650 ebm-papst engineers and technicians worldwide make this possible. You can even become acquainted with a few of them on this website.