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Cool solutions for hot technology.

Did you know that in data centers, so much heat is generated that almost half of the overall energy is used just to cool the hardware? And the Information Age has only just begun to "warm up"!

Performance requirements rise continuously – in particular as a result of trends such as mobile Internet, cloud computing or Internet TV. And the larger the volume of data, the greater the required cooling capacity and energy consumption.

Luckily, there are innovative methods for increasing the cooling capacity while at the same time reducing the energy consumption. For example, options include cooling an entire area using precision air-conditioning units, direct server rack cooling or cooling of the entire data center using a central fan unit. For all these methods, ebm-papst provides innovative fans that ensure the highest level of efficiency and maximum reliability.

Depending on the structural conditions and different requirements for data centers, we offer not just one, but rather a wide range of individual solutions.