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ebm-papst and heating

An energy balance to feel good about.

We've always warmed to innovative technology. So of course we wanted to be at the forefront of new developments in heating technology. An example is our blower systems for condensing boilers, which provide the ideal gas-air mixture for clean and energy-saving combustion. They can only do that because we supply the entire system consisting of blower, gas valve and combustion controller, all perfectly adjusted to the application at hand. The system even takes other factors such as regional variations in gas composition into account. For manufacturers, it means all they have to do is: plug & play.

Hot for the future.
Gas is a very efficient fuel, but there are even more eco-friendly possibilities, such as pellet heating systems that use regionally grown, renewable energy sources. Or heat pumps that simply use energy sources that are already available in the environment. And fuel cell technology, which is still in the development stage, points the way in a new direction for the future of heating technology. Regardless of the technology, it's always important to use as little energy as possible to maximize efficiency. A perfect playing field for our high-efficiency fans – and our ambitious engineers.