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Doing the chores ...

Fans, motors and blowers from ebm-papst are masters at saving energy in industrial engineering applications. So what could make more sense than to put them to work them in a domestic setting? And they have many other features that are important in modern household appliances: Thanks to electronic commutation, they're smoothly adjustable. They're very compact, making possible not only smaller appliances but completely new design trends as well. And they're quiet. So quiet that you have to check again to make sure the range hood is actually turned on.

Household appliance manufacturers don't just appreciate our technology, but our development expertise as well. Together we've developed many innovations, including spotless drying in dishwashers, stove jacket cooling to protect neighboring kitchen furnishings, and immersion pumps in condenser dryers.

Solutions from ebm-papst have also been the standard in appliances for commercial and industrial kitchens for many years. It doesn't matter to our fans and drives whether they're subjected to extremely low or high temperatures, or even to rapid changes between the two extremes, because they're also extremely rugged and reliable.