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Super energy-saving market

Refrigeration systems like the display cases in supermarkets are usually in operation 24 hours a day, so it's no surprise that their energy consumption is a major cost factor. Today, saving on these energy costs is more important than ever. Since the fans in these systems run almost constantly, potential savings are especially high here. ebm-papst fans feature especially high efficiency, which benefits not only the environment but also the end user's bottom line. Besides the enormous energy savings, of course their high reliability and long service life count among their other important features.
In all regards, our fans with GreenTech EC technology are outstanding. And that pays off. For example:

Thanks to our technology, a small supermarket with 40 fans would be able to save over 9.4 MWh per year. That's 5.6 tons of CO2 and means savings of 1,080 euros (at an average electricity price of 11.69 cents per kWh).

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